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Native Amazonian wearing a tree fiber shirt, from the Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira collection at the National Library of Brazil

FSEM 192, Ethnohistory of the Amazon:  a first-year seminar that brings together historical and anthropological methods in the study of Amazonian cultures from the time of first European contact to the present.

CORE 193, Brazil:  an interdisciplinary course on Brazilian communities and identities, examined through history, anthropology, film, and art.

HIST 224, Introduction to Environmental History: a survey of global environmental history, framed around the rise of oil in the modern period.

HIST 2xx, Animals in History: an introductory course about human-animal relationships in global history. [New for Fall 2023]

HIST 302, Global Toxic History: a course on historical patterns of human-toxic interactions around the world, focusing on the modern period.

HIST 400, Secrets and Lies in History: a global capstone seminar that explores historical secrets and cover-ups, and how historians can retrieve lost or suppressed narratives through archival research.

HIST 490, Honors Seminar: a seminar for students producing honors theses, with an emphasis on the craft of history writing.